1. The story of the axe head that floated on the water is one of the Old Testament miracles that continue to rattle the rational minds of unbelievers, especially those who only believe in Science, for the miracle negates the law of gravity, which is a natural law.
  2. But for a miracle to be a miracle indeed, I believe it must break the law of nature. Miracles only follow supernatural laws, which are far above the laws of nature. (ELISHA – A TYPE OF CHRIST TYPIFIES THE ESSENCE OF THE MIRACLE OF CHRIST JESUS.)
  3. The sons of the prophets represent all of us covered by 1 John 3:1-2. We are all in training and/or in service under Christ till we see him. The principle of growth and the desire for improvement must define the Church. Christ said, I shall build my Church, and the Gates of hell cannot stop or hinder us. We, like these sons of the Prophet, must request our Elisha’s [Christ’s] permission to build and keep building a bigger place.
  4. In verse 2b, we find how the work of the Lord should be done in the Church “every man a beam,” either small or big. To BEAR a beam implies BEING FUNCTIONARY HEALTHY AND WHOLE – NO SICK OR FEBLE PERSON. So, in the house of God, every man must carry a beam, be it in the building project, evangelism, visitation, giving, and other services. No one should be left out and therefore sickness must not be allowed to stop or hinder us – by the Grace of God.
  5. When Elisha permitted the exercise, they requested for his presence as well. In the work of God, divine permission must not be confused with divine presence. We need divine presence to succeed. But divine presence is not also synonymous with the absence of troubles. Nevertheless, it secures 3 John 1:1 as the victorious path for us.
  6. I believe that the story is a parable for us all. It speaks of the fact that as God’s children, we work with borrowed power and this power can be lost through S.S.S. – SICKNESS – SIN – SATANIC SUGGESTIONS [MATT. 4:1-10]. The axe head stands for the power to execute the project. Without the axe head, there can be no falling of trees. So, when the axe head fell, it was a loss of power – THROUGH THESE S.S.S.
  7. What is power? Encarta Dictionary simply defines it “as the capacity, the ability or the strength to do something, control or influence over other people and their actions.”