What is Membership?

Covenant Membership represents a fundamental element of our identity at Vineyard International Christian Ministries.


Membership is a vital tool for the local church, helping identify the saved and bolstering their journey of salvation. It signifies a mutual pledge between the elders and the congregation, reflecting a reciprocal bond of support and dedication. With our covenant membership in place, Vineyard International Christian Ministries functions under the guidance of leaders, while affirming and embracing the congregational voice.

Membership at a Glance

What is membership? It is a reciprocal agreement where an individual pledges their commitment to the church, and in turn, the church promises its commitment to the individual.

Membership is a two-way commitment: The individual promises to engage actively in the church’s life and doctrine, contributing their unique gifts, while the church pledges to assist, support, educate, and equip the individual while upholding the gospel’s truth and Jesus’s caring guidance. This interaction embodies the Biblical instruction that believers be ‘added’ to a local church, as highlighted in (Acts 2:41).

How to Become a Member

What do I need to do to become a member?

Foremost, salvation is required! Church membership is not for those seeking to align with a social group or movement. Rather, it is intended for those who resonate with the redemptive work of Christ on the cross. Every subsequent step in our membership process is conceived to uphold and manifest the hope embodied in this confession (Hebrews 10:23). This process comprises two pivotal aspects.

Below, you’ll find a button labeled, ‘View the Membership Packet.’ This comprehensive packet delineates the fundamental beliefs, direction, and values of Sovereign Hope Church, and provides a detailed explanation of the membership journey.

Concluding this document is a form, which you (and your spouse, if jointly applying) can sign to express your comprehension and endorsement of our church’s faith statement and core principles. Subsequently, you’re invited to arrange a meeting with a pastor. This isn’t a doctrinal examination, but rather a chance for our leaders to familiarize themselves with you and for you to share your faith journey, seek clarifications about membership, and learn more about the church. Upon completion of the membership packet and the interview, a pastor will introduce you at the next congregational assembly for full congregational affirmation!

What We Believe

Guided by our deeply-held biblical principles, our response to the gospel and our path as a church are molded.

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