For we are laborers together with God……     – 1 Corinthians‬ ‭3:9

  • You would agree with me that Our Father-In-Heaven has so GIFTED us, making LIFE for us a circle of GIFTS CONTRIBUTION as PROOF of being Laborers Together with Him in this Circle to which we claim to BELONG: His Church and Ministries.

  • We must keep contributing to the life of others in our circles in or outside the Church and to the kingdom life of Christ’s Church on earth as proof of our gifts.

  • You have to ignore the challenges of life and begin to prayerfully operate from Your already given Positive Position of VICTORY to contribute as proof of our gifts.

  • We no longer strive FOR Victory. We execute ONLY FROM VICTORY as We contribute as proof of our gifts.

  • When any one of us ceases to contribute with our gifts, the circle will be broken and leakages will be discovered as the harassment of diabolical forces are inevitable as with Your Dreams.

  • Whatever we are enjoying today is someone else’s gifted contribution that made us who we are today. Think about it.

  • Whatever we are lacking today is because someone who is supposed to contribute GIFTS didn’t.

  • Don’t be that person, who because she refuses to contribute GIFTS, causes leakages to her circle.

  • Every person on earth is here to contribute HIS OR HER GIFTS to make the world a better place.

  • GIFTS Contribution is the essence of living and is a battle seed that cancels, nullifies, and voids all the works of the powers of Darkness.

  • You can contribute anything useful as proof of your GIFTS.

  • You can contribute in knowledge, in understanding, in wisdom, in love, in peace, in resources, in finances and the list goes on as proof of your GIFTS.

  • Also, You can contribute physically, spiritually, intellectually, financially, morally, etc. – as proof of your GIFTS.

  • When you contribute your Gifts, people will eat, when people contribute their Gifts, you will eat.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my GIFT contribution in the Church that I am a member?

  • What have you contributed to make the Ministries therein to progress?

  • What is lacking as a result of refusal to contribute forgetting that it is all about working together with Our Heavenly Father and Never with any Human Being (man or woman)?

  • What is the way forward as proof of your GIFTS as our time on this earth absolutely belongs to our Heavenly Father?

The answer explains the scarcity or abundance in the place we call our home and our Church with all the Ministries. Your presence may not be irrelevant if you have nothing as Gifts to contribute but your presence would always be challenged by the things and people you criticize, blame, and castigate. Why? The Things and People that irritate you are your assignments that your gifts can transform to your joy and peace of mind. We are laborers together with God to bring about changes with our PRESENCE AND GIFTS.